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"You are your own gold." - a conversation with Dana Highfill

Episode Summary

What is floating and how can it help transform our body, mind and spirit? In this episode, I talk with Dana Highfill, the owner and operator of Float North in Portland, Oregon. As a long time massage therapist with a qigong and meditation practice, Dana talks about the woo and the science behind floatation tanks and how taking care of your body is really, taking care of your spirit.

Episode Notes

“I encourage people to go in with no expectations.”

“Things that are rewarding don’t necessarily start off fun.”

“Relaxing is a huge part of healing because when we hold so much tension it really causes us to not be present.”

“When you take care of your body then you can really take care of your spirit. When you take care of your inner knowing, listen to yourself, intuition, creativity – all of those things – come with floating.”

“It can bring up a lot of fears just because there’s the opportunity to get to know yourself.”

“What are you doing for yourself? Investing time, energy and money into yourself gives so many returns. You are your own gold.”

“Being in service is what I’m here to do. It’s also about creating community."

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