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"We are all deeply embedded and indoctrinated in this nonsense and that must evolve." - a conversation with Shalonda Ingram

Episode Summary

In this episode, I talk with Shalonda Ingram, social omnipreneur, strategist and community developer about how her work has been impacted by Covid-19, why talking about humanity is so important as we fight for social change and her perpetual secret underground mission.

Episode Notes

"I go into the market that I serve and I'm a part of them. I participate in community building, networking building and that requires being on the ground and truly engaging. And even now with Covid it requires more Zoom. I actually cover a lot more ground now virtually in a day's time than was humanly possible before. But definitely being on the ground and building meaningful connections, getting to understand which streets go one way etc., is very much a part of how I do my work."

On Covid 19: "As a space creator, it's been very confronting."

"Folks are dusting off their contacts and reaching out in ways that are creating very powerful outcomes so that's very beautiful."

"People had an opportunity to witness and experience what and how this country, this business, the corporation of the United States, truly operates. It is indeed very good to be evolving the dialogue and to have so many folks engage in dialogues that may not have seemed relevant or relatable to them on a level and on a scale throughout the world. That I'm very clear is an ancestral healing inside of that."

"My perpetual secret underground mission is to bring folks together who may not otherwise have access to one another in ways that are congruent to their true humanity. Because we receive so many messages about each other and we rarely actually meet each other."

"My interests and commitment is to support human beings with recognizing the humanity in each other in a sea of nonsense and messaging that has us relate to each other in ways that are outside of that context."

"When you have a society that creates its poverty and solves its problems through the nonprofit industrial complex, which for me, looks a little bit like money laundering, it's deeply problematic and so a lot of things must evolve."

"Most folks that are governed in this society inside of the corporation of the United States don't really get that a lot of the intricacies are just really, really hidden in plain sight. The conversation around anti-Blackness started when the country started."

"I believe in the human spirit and that the systems were created by human beings and they can be transformed by human beings."

"The more we can evolve the conversation to being about humanity, the more rapidly we'll transform the things that aren't working for folks."

"I do believe we are moving the needle, it's just so pathetic that it would take so long to be so clear. I'm having a conversation that the old folks in my life born in 1929 or earlier were having."

"It's not like white supremacy misses any of us. It's not like it helps some and harms others. It harms us all. It harms us all in different ways."

"We are all deeply embedded and indoctrinated in this nonsense and that must evolve."

"We are not here to work for money. The more we can explore that and relate to ourselves as sovereign beings, that are participating in a culture that requires currency, then so be that."

"The conversation of race is all made up."

"People act like we're just going to suddenly have a different system if different people are running it. The system itself is of this elk. What we have to deal with is that these guys were writing a document while being slave holders talking about all men are created equal and all people are free. We have  a root issue that has yet to be addressed."

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